16 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

Most individuals would never think to hire a Private Investigator. They aren’t just for catching out cheating partners or catching out fraudsters – Private Investigators can assist you in many different ways, at home and at work. At home You’ve met someone online – but are they who they say they are? Background checks can

What types of services might a private investigator actually provide?

When you think about private investigators and what they actually do, it is quite easy to simply get swept away by romantic notions of the job, as depicted on the big (and small) screen. Even if your view of a modern-day PI is less Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and more Magnum P.I., far-fetched conceptions are

Facts and Figures relating to Britain’s Most Expensive Legal Trial

What an interesting week it has been with Rebekah Brooks being cleared of all charges against her whilst Andy Coulson, her former colleague, was found guilty of conspiring to hack phones and will be sentenced next week with three former colleagues Greg Miskiw, Neville Thurlbeck , James Whetherup and private detective, Glenn Mulcaire, all of

Matt Thomas says not all Private Investigators are Grimy, Disgusting and Sick Individuals

Matt Thomas has his say………The other day I was reading a blog where someone was stating that all private investigators are ‘grimy, disgusting and sick individuals’. This is something that we as, decent, professional private investigators, have to contend with. With all the negative press private investigators have been getting these past few years I

Madeleine McCann News – UK Police granted permission to dig for Evidence

The Metropolitan Police has been granted permission to dig for evidence at the Holiday resort where Madeleine McCann disappeared from over seven years ago. Specialist radar equipment will be used to examine several suspect areas in Praia da Luz. The areas of interest are believed to be a beach and areas surrounding the apartment where